4 Steps to Becoming a Hockey Referee

In order to become a USA Hockey Official you must:

Before joining the world of officiating it is important to know the steps to getting registered and what it will cost. Please see below for quick steps and estimated cost of getting started.  For more information visit our “Become An Official” page.

    1. Be certified as a USA Hockey official and completed all of the online tests and training.
    2. Have a attended a USA Hockey annual seminar and paid local association dues.
    3. Have full official’s equipment.
    4. Work a mentor session with a qualified USA Hockey official.


What will this cost me?

      • Officials must have the following equipment, at a minimum:
        • USA Hockey Dues 1st year official – $80.00
        • San Diego Hockey Referee Association Dues (1st year) – $40.00
        • Ice hockey skates – $300.00
        • Black hockey helmet – $70.00
        • Half-shield visor – $30.00
        • Official’s sweater (jersey)- $50.00
        • Black official’s pants – $60.00
        • Whistle – $15.00
      • Recommended protective equipment includes:
        • Padded girdle – $50.00
        • Cup or pelvic protector – $20.00
        • Shin gaurds – $40.00
        • Elbow pads – $40.00
      • Total: $300-$800 depending upon previously owned equipment.

For more information on how to become a hockey referee visit the USA Hockey Officials page.  Also check out the San Diego Hockey Referee Association “Events” page to see upcoming seminar and meeting dates.

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