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‘Ask the Official’ is here to provide you with all of the questions and answers you have about officiating hockey.  Don’t be shy! If you are asking yourself, “Is this a stupid question?” you should ask it here.  Situational questions, as well as, questions regarding where to buy gear or how to clean your whistle will be entertained on this page.

Situation One:

Puck in dark team attacking zone (white defending) when a white and dark player both fall to the ground trying to gain possession of the puck near the boards.  The referee observes this play, does not indicate a penalty, and play continues. Dark player who was on the ground gets up and two hand slashes white player still on the ground behind and out of site of the referee but observed by the linesman. There does NOT appear to be an injury from the slash.  Dark team scores about 3 seconds later.  Linesman skates in and asks to speak with the referee.  After listening to description of the incident the referee disallows the goal and assesses penalty to dark. Was the linesman correct in NOT blowing the whistle immediately?
Correct.  The linesman’s job in this case would be to observe and report.  If the linesman believes he witnessed an injury potential penalty worthy of at least a major penalty he shall report to the referee his version of the incident at the next stoppage of play.  This is in instance where all three (or four) partners will need to gather to quickly discuss what each person saw.  Since there is potential for taking a goal away the decision needs to be the one that is easiest to defend when you communicate the calls to each bench.  Correct call is to disallow the goal and assess the penalty.
Rule 503 | Linesman
(e) The Linesman shall report to the Referee at the next stoppage of play his version of any infraction of the rules that he believes constitutes a bench minor, major, match, misconduct, game misconduct or penalty shot under these rules. In addition, the Linesman shall give his version of any Injury Potential Penalty (see Glossary) that occurs behind the play and is not observed by the Referee. The Referee, at his discretion, may assess a penalty for such infractions.

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