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Fellow referees, 


This weekend is the first Pacific Sled Hockey League weekend in San Diego.  Come out and support the team as we take on the Colorado warriors Avs and the Phoenix Coyotes, the LA Kings and the Colorado Avalanche.

First game is at 4:30 at Poway Ice.  Game 2 is at 11:05 Saturday  game3 8:00am Sunday morning and game 4 is at 4:20 against the Kings.

Come and experience the Full Check co ed excitement!

    Today we held our first on ice training for our Sled Hockey officials. Starting with face off training and moving on to two man during play.  To say the least, it was a bit of an eye opener for most of our officials.  Learning that the game of Sled Hockey has a few differences that matter.   Additionally, the team is headed to Nashville for the NHL Sled Classic November 17 to 20 with a great chance of bringing home the banner.  The team has improved vastly since last year and has grown in depth as well.  The coaching staff has worked the team not only hard but strategically since the beginning of the summer and we are fully functional with a much higher “hockey IQ” than previous.  I is now hard to tell that only 2 of the players had ever played hockey before becoming disabled.


(All assignments will still be handled by Dan Ellison and Arbiter) 

Any thing in particular that you would like to learn about, please email or call me.  We have tremendous support from the board and USA hockey.  USA hockey wants us to hold a Sled Hockey Referee training camp here in San Diego later this year.  The National Festival will be in Detroit this year (April) and will be in San Jose next.

I have been asked to train a group of officials to work at the national festival in San Jose.  In order to be selected to this tournament you will have to have gone through the training and have officiated games here in San Diego and Los Angles.  For you older referees… (us older referees) this is an opportunity to work at the national level.  As for you really young referees. (under18) The national festival has a youth division, so there is opportunity four you guys as well.  

So What do you do to get selected?  RULE KNOWLEDGE is paramount. There are a few additional penalties ie. “T Bone”

Skating without your blades leaving the ice. (Takes some getting used to. Remember their necks are down low.) Neck guards are required.

Experience refereeing Sled hockey games. It is still hockey.  Full check in adult divisions. Upper divisions are as fast as midget level skaters.

They still hook, slash, interfere, etc.  But seeing the penalties is not always easy to see. Everything happens down low.  It takes a little time and focus to see what is really happening in the play.  

Skating lanes are slightly different. We sometimes use “no mans land” to get in to see what is really happening.

Additionally, we will be hosting a tournament in San Diego next MLK weekend with aprox 20 teams from around the country.  So we will be working on the development of  our local referees to show the country why we are the best association.  More level 4s per capita, More Professional appearance on and off the ice, More of our officials selected for National and International games, and the best Sled Hockey referees in the country.


Pete Bellin


Some of you officials have already expressed interest in becoming Sled Hockey Officials.  Please contact me to arrange some discussion and some time on the ice with the team. For those of you who don’t yet know what the differences are, give me a ring. Come to our practices at UTC Sunday mornings at 8:20am. Jump in a sled and experience the other side…

Ps  it is full check so don’t be soft.

Thanks for the support fellow referees…

Disabled Athlete of the Year – Sarah Bettencourt

A leader in growing disabled hockey in Southern California, Sarah Bettencourt found a way to keep hockey in her life after retiring with 100 percent disability from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2012. In early 2014, Bettencourt discovered sled hockey while at a monoski camp, and soon after founded the San Diego Ducks Sled Hockey Club. She currently serves as the team’s director, manager and team captain, planning events and also participating in them. Through these roles, Bettencourt encourages other disabled athletes to try sled hockey and spends time instructing new players on basic skills. Bettencourt uses her training as a former Marine captain to lead her team with high standards and long-term vision both for the club and disabled hockey on a larger scale. A member of the U.S. Women’s Sled Hockey Team, Bettencourt helped organize the Pacific Sled Hockey League and create a sled hockey division within the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League. Over the past two years, she has hosted multiple sled clinics, and currently speaks to various organizations about disabled hockey while organizing demonstrations in the Southern California area. As an advisory council member for Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, she is helping promote and establish the National Wounded Warrior Center in Mammoth Lakes, California. While she is a participant in sled hockey, Bettencourt’s long-term goals include growing all aspects of disabled hockey. She is currently working to start standing/ amputee and blind/visually impaired hockey programs, in addition to high school and collegiate disabled leagues.

The Disabled Athlete of the Year Award recognizes a disabled athlete that has displayed incredible dedication to disabled hockey in the United States.

Check out this link  WWW.USAHockey.com/sledreferees                                                                                            Our Referees experience the world of Sled Hockey.





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